Sunday, June 21, 2009


1. What?
The BlackBerry 9630. Originally codenamed the Niagara, will be released as the Tour. Source.

2. Who?
CDMA carriers. Verizon will be the first in the states, with Sprint following sometime after. Source. Sprint not far behind?

3. When?
This is where we have the least “facts,” but currently we have been pointed to the week of July 13th. Source. UPDATE! Much stronger confirmation that July 13th is the plan, should nothing go wrong. Click!

4. How?
Now this is entirely speculation, but there is an entire thread asking just this – How Will Verizon Roll it Out? You can check out that thread if you want to see what others think what will happen as far as advertising goes with the release of this device… few facts, but some fun speculation.

5. How much?
More expensive than the Storm – it is Verizon’s flagship device, so it will have a flagship price! Source. Sounds like ~$299 (after any rebates) with a 2-year contract, but that’s just my guess off of CX’s post. BGR said $199.

6. What specs will the device have?
113.5 X 63 X 14
QWERTY Keyboard
480x360 Screen
256 MB Device Memory / 130 MB Dedicated Application Memory
3.2MP Camera
Qualcomm MSM7600
Black Trackball
Source. (2) (3)

7. And Operating System?
This is slightly up in the air with 5.0 coming out within a similar timeframe as the device, but I believe the best assumption at the time being is that it will be released with 4.7, and then get updated to a 5.0 version once that is ready, like all other 4.6+ devices. Source. (yea i know - looking for a better one) Not sure on OS yet? (2) (3)

8. So is this the CDMA version of the Bold? Of the 8900?
While looking at the specs/form factor, it seems to be a combination of the two devices. Since nothing is official, we don’t know if this means a 9030/8930 will ever exist, since this device could kill two birds with one stone for CDMA carriers. You can check out any of the available Videos or Reviews (2) (3) to make your own assumptions, but whatever the case may be, it is NOT a 9000 or an 8900.

9. 9630 is the biggest number we’ve seen on a BB! Is this the best BB yet?!
CX has stated that this device is not meant to take over and reign supreme over the Bold. Source (2). Rather, this is supposed to be another nice device that can stand proudly next to it. There is heated debated about what is better (Source) between the two, but I can tell you this on a non-biased platform: Bold has WiFi and allows simultaneous voice and data – both of which the Tour does not provide (WiFi might still get thrown in there…but that’s just being hopeful). This puts the Bold ahead of the Tour for those individuals who need WiFi / simultaneous voice/data in their day-to-day BB usage. Regardless, it is still a device that many will be very happy with.

10. How is the web browsing? PLEASE TELL ME THEY MADE IT BETTER!
The Tour will provide a much-improved web browsing experience. Source. RIM has been working on improving this, but unfortunately up to this point we have not yet seen a video showing off what is ready so far. However, we do know a few things – it runs super speedy on VZW’s 3G (though don’t expect to get faster results than on your home computer), and has greatly improved its handling of Javascript. Though, CX says Skyfire will be the solution to all of our BB browsing needs.

11. Other BlackBerries have had issues with getting dust under the screen – how’s the 9630?
We're in the clear here! The 9630’s screen is just like the Bold – and no dust gets under the Bold’s screen. Source.

12. What’s the keyboard like?
As you can see in Kevin’s Review, the keyboard is a smaller version of the Bold’s. It does not make the clicking sound like the curves do, and is overall a very nice QWERTY. BGR’s Review says it’s the best blackberry keyboard to date.

13. I was talking to a Verizon Wireless Rep and…
Stop. Please. We do NOT need anymore "sources" like this. Thank you.

14. What if I’m on a GSM carrier, but I want this phone – can I still use it?
Because this is a World Phone, you will be able to use it on GSM carriers, but because it was made as a CDMA device, you will only get EDGE internet speeds. Source. I say just keep your Bold if you’re on GSM!

15. CAN I HAS IT NOW?!?!
There have been a few posts with links to ebay/craigslist offers for selling the Niagara/Tour. If you want to shell out the cash, and are good enough at avoiding the scams, you could probably get your hands on a pre-release device. However, keep in mind that you could very well have issues with that phone getting black-listed once the official ones are released, though it is possible for one to slip through the cracks and be ok. Source. Up to you!

16. What do I do until it comes out?
Be patient! If you have a BlackBerry already, just wait it out. If you don’t have one, or don’t have a QWERTY and you can’t live without it – many have suggested getting a used 8330 to hold you over and get you used to the BlackBerry experience. It will ultimately be your call on this one. In the meantime, if you want some people to keep you company check out the 9630 Waiting Room! – we have couches and coffee, as well as a bunch of candy left over from the piƱata we got for our Cinco de Mayo / WES party!

New and improved

So there is all this hype about the new blackberry soon to be released on cdma networks called the blackberry 9630 (tour). I currently own the storm so what's so great about this new phone.

I have some questions

-Is this better than att's bold?

-Will this be the fastest blackberry ever?

-Is it worth it to switch